• Dedication to Service

    Our customers are our first priority and Minibar Delivery offers an unparalleled, industry-leading, and highly personalized customer service experience. The friendly members of our Customer Experience Team are standing by Monday - Saturday from 9 am - 12 am EST and 10 am - 12 am EST on Sundays. With a 98% customer satisfaction rating, we are committed to making sure your experience with Minibar Delivery is convenient, pleasant, and positive. 

    Whether you’re looking for personalized recommendations, event planning, technical support, or anything in between, we are always happy to help! Simply contact us by phone (855.487.0740), email (help@minibardelivery.com), or text (917.633.6332).

    Extensive Selection and Added Delivery Services

    Minibar works with a variety of store partners, so we are able to offer a competitive marketplace for you with no additional markup from us! Our app and website make it easy for you to browse available products, find what you are looking for, compare prices, and get what you want to be delivered or shipped directly to you in no time. Depending on your area, you may also be able to shop for CBD, coffee, caviar, flowers, bar accessories, and bartenders, depending on your area. 

    Nationwide Growth

    With an on-demand presence in more than 100 cities, we are adding new retailers to our Minibar team every day. This allows us to offer a wide array of products so we can get you what you want as quickly as possible. 

  • Minibar Delivery is the leading marketplace for the delivery of beer, wine, spirits, mixers, and more! We partner with local liquor stores as well as a curated collection of Vineyard partners to make their products available to you on our website and mobile app. 

    Currently, we offer on-demand delivery in 100+ markets, which means customers in these areas can receive ASAP delivery in under an hour or can schedule orders for a future date and time. If you’re not in one of our on-demand markets, we likely ship wine and/or liquor to you.

    In addition to the extensive selection of beer, wine, and spirits, you may also be able to order other products, such as CBD, coffee, caviar, flowers, bar accessories, and even bartenders.

    No matter what your alcohol needs may be, we always have you covered. To get started, download our app on your iPhone or Android, or visit our website. Simply enter your address and start shopping!

  • Minibar Delivery works with local store partners who fulfill orders and deliveries. For this reason, delivery hours vary per store. 

    If you want to check the stores available to you, put your address in the address bar of our website. Once products load, click on your address and you'll see the stores available to you, their delivery expectations, and order minimums. If a store is closed, it will show they are closed and what time they will resume deliveries.

    Our Customer Experience Team is available Monday through Saturday 9 am - 12 am ET and Sunday 10 am - 12 am ET. We are happy to address any questions or feedback during these times.

  • Minibar Delivery offers on-demand delivery in over 100+ markets across the US. A complete list of the cities we service can be found here

    We also partner with liquor stores and vineyards, who ship wine and/or liquor to most states. Shipping orders typically take 3-7 business days to arrive.

    If you want to check out your delivery and shipping options, put your address in the address bar of our website, iOS app, or Android app!

  • On-Demand Delivery

    Every store we work with has an order minimum, which does not include tax, tip, or possible delivery fees. Order minimums and delivery fees vary, depending on the store partner, and will be clearly stated while you are shopping and placing your order. Any fees help offset the extra charges associated with delivery services, such as tolls and vehicle maintenance. We do offer free delivery across several markets, including New York. 

    If you are ordering from more than one store, please be advised that each store's minimum must be reached. If each store has a delivery fee, multiple delivery fees will apply to the order. Ordering from more than one store will result in separate charges on your payment method and separate deliveries.

    Ground Shipping 

    We work with liquor stores and vineyards, who ship their products to customers. Shipping fees and order minimums vary, depending on the shipping partner, and will be clearly stated while you are shopping and placing your order. Please note that shipping costs typically start at a certain dollar amount and increase, depending on the number of items you are ordering. Some of our partners may offer free shipping if you are ordering a certain amount.


    If you have a Shoprunner account, on-demand delivery is always free! Please note that ShopRunner does NOT apply towards shipping orders.