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We partner with local liquor stores. Increase your sales and grow your business.

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Why partner with us?

Go Digital

Expand your ecommerce business across multiple platforms, with no upfront cost.

Full Service

We have a full-service customer care team ready to help with any issue you or any customer might have.

Grow Your Business

Allow customers to shop your shelves anytime. Our digital marketing can help boost your business.

Become A Partner

How it works

Easy Setup

Send us your product inventory. We integrate with all major POS systems.

Recieve Orders

When a customer completes an order we’ll alert you via email, fax, phone, or our online supplier portal.

Deliver & Get Paid

Confirm the order, pack it, and send it out for delivery. Payments go directly to your merchant account.

"Minibar allows us to greatly extend our footprint in the Austin area which is a very competitive market and brings us revenue we couldn’t get otherwise. It’s extremely store friendly and easy to use and has only made our business more valuable."

— Ryan Robertson

Owner, Far West Liquor & Fine Wines
Austin, TX