Drink & Do Good

Our Drink & Do Good program establishes partnerships with a different charity each month. We are excited to support inspiring organizations who do so much to help people in need.

Featured Partnerships


DREAM annually serves 2,200 inner-city youth with nationally recognized after-school and summer programs, and through DREAM Charter School. DREAM’s mission is to provide inner-city youth with opportunities to Play, Learn, and Grow. They use the power of teams to coach, teach and inspire youth to recognize their potential and realize their dreams.


United Way Harvey Recovery Fund

United Way has created the United Way Harvey Recovery Fund to support local communities in Texas, Louisiana, and the surrounding areas affected by Hurricane Harvey. As part of our mission to build stronger communities, and to fight for the health and safety of every person in every community, United Ways in the affected areas will continue to raise money locally and respond to emerging needs as appropriate for their community. The national fund will complement those efforts and provide a single clearinghouse for individual and corporate donors who want to impact all affected areas.


United Way of the Wine Country

United Way of the Wine Country has been dedicated to improving lives locally since incorporation on February 26, 1968. For almost 50 years, we have been deeply committed to achieving lasting solutions — not just quick fixes — for our entire community. Everyone deserves a good life: a quality education that leads to a stable job, income that can support a family through retirement, and good health. To create lasting change United Way focuses on solving the underlying causes of common problems in education, income, and health.


New York Cares

New York City has always been the epicenter of the American Dream. It’s a place of hope and opportunity. A place millions have traveled to in search of a better life. Unfortunately, the American Dream feels unattainable for many vulnerable New Yorkers, who are facing such obstacles as limited education, poor nutrition, low literacy, unemployment, and lack of basic needs. With 45% of New Yorkers living near or below the poverty line, the complexity and scale of problems can seem overwhelming. Many people want to step up and help their neighbors, but they feel that the issues are just too big. “There’s nothing I can do to have a real impact.” New York Cares was started in 1987 to change that belief.


Children of Restaurant Employees

CORE grants support to children of food and beverage service navigating life-altering circumstances. In times of extreme strain brought on by family death, injury or diagnosed medical condition, loss of home, or other sudden or extreme circumstances, food and beverage families can become overwhelmed financially and emotionally. CORE is the nationally recognized community of support for all food and beverage service families in need by ensuring they feel cared for and valued.